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Create. Click. Essence Captured. Create. Click. Essence Captured.

Welcome Family & Soon To Be Friends!

I’m glad to have you here with me. I am always grateful to know my work touches others, and I am serving my community and fulfilling my calling with each raw capture, edited visual, and branding session. To those who are preparing to work with me, welcome and let’s capture your essence. To those who have been here supporting me through the years, may we continue on this journey to making art life and capturing the essence of who you are. Always,


Business & Personal Branding

Lifestyle & Family

Working with Kwadeidra has been nothing short of amazing! As a young entrepreneur looking to grow my company, she is the perfect fit to our team. She is knowledgable, focused, and willing to go the extra mile for her clients with no questions asked. Because of her innate skills in strategy development and content creation, we've seen a surge of new clients and established social media partnerships. It's always awesome to work with Kwadeidra and I'm more than happy to have her on my team!”

Destini Gilliam, Creative Reading Coach

Working with Kwadeidra has been amazing. I did not know what to expect, but I must say that Essence of Professionalism has helped me tons. When we began, we were able to dig deep and enable me to understand more about who I am and the impact that has on my brand. We laid all of my inner thoughts out on the table which allowed me to gain more clarity around what I wanted going forward. It finally made sense for me, personally. This experience also gave me better insight about processes/workflows and how that ties into CRMs. Identitfying my target market and aligning my brand communications to speak to them. All in all, streamlining my thoughts and processes has been the best thing that I have done; it feels great to not be all over the place anymore.

LaShana Price, Connection Guru

The service was absolutely AMAZING! I gained so much insight on how to better improve my social media presence and marketing. I am excited for what 2020 is going to bring once I implement the knowledge I received. I would 100% recommend working with KZW!

Tchanavia Qz Bryant, Black Queen Photography