Visual Branding

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Ah, visual branding. What’s that? [Headshots · Branding Portraits · Products · Videography · Behind The Scenes] Why is it so important? To showcase the essence of your brand’s vision while inspiring credibility and engagement amongst your audience.

Being an entrepreneur is far from a walk in the park. Think about the time, emotional, and financial investments you’ve made to build and scale your brand. You have overcome mountains of adversity to transform the life you once knew and live out your wildest dreams. Showcase the essence of that journey.

Let The Sun Shine On Your Vision

Headshots are only the tip of the iceberg. They showcase a more professional persona. They are important for your portfolio, resume, social/professional profiles, etc. Overall a great start to branding yourself

Be You, Do You.

Headshots showcase you in a more professional manner whereas branding portraiture showcases your true essence; that’s where you get to showcase you to the world. Essence is the core of what makes you, you and as an entrepreneur, it’s important to showcase that realness and personality. Let them see you in your element.

Be genuine with your audience.

I’ve learned that in business building a relationship with your audience is important. Allow them to follow you on your journey. Be genuine with them. A great way to build that credibility is to curate content that’s catered to connecting and inspiring.

Inspirational content

Experience your brand through imagery.

It’s important to be intentional when posting any kind of content. Have you ever visited a business’s website or online profile only to see visuals that may have been provided by the manufacturer or even worse, Google? As a consumer, how likely are you to shop with that business versus a business where you connect with their imagery on a more personal level? Content branding is one of the most important levels of branding photography. I’m sure you have heard the saying “People eat with their eyes first”, well, the same concept applies to shopping. Curate imagery for your brand that will reel in your target audience.

Showcase the essence of your brand.

Want to increase engagement and inspire credibility amongst your audience? Invest in your brand’s visual identity.

Working with Kwadeidra has been nothing short of amazing!  As a young entrepreneur looking to grow my company, she is the perfect fit to our team.  Her attention to detail, professionalism, and willingness to share her opinion not only challenges me to put my best foot forward but also continue to strive for excellence. She is knowledgeable, focused, and willing to go the extra mile for her clients with no questions asked. Because of her innate skills in film production, we’ve seen a surge of new clients and established social media partnerships. It’s always awesome to work with Kwadeidra and I’m more than happy to have her on my team!” – Destini Gilliam, The Creative Reading Coach


“Honestly when she says she will Capture Your Essence honey she is NOT lying! Both times shooting with her I was absolutely BLOWN away by the images captured. I have done a lot of photoshoots but the ones I had with her came out better than expected. She is also extremely professional and accommodated my every need & request! I can’t wait to work with her as she helps me with visual rebranding! I HIGHLY recommend that you allow her to Capture YOUR Essence! You will NOT regret it” – Aqila Mimi Benjamin, The Fuller Side of Things 

Why KZW Capturing Essence?

What value would KZW bring?

Simple, the essence. Essence is the core of what makes you, you. The core of what makes anything, anything is its essence. Do you want the essence of your brand to shine bright? Well, I am the curator (photograpHER) for you! I promise to deliver your vision meanwhile stepping outside of the box to ensure your visuals stand out in your market. A guaranteed increase in brand awareness and engagement amongst your audience.


Headshots and product styling typically starts at $150, please inquire about full visual branding packages for your brand so that we can provide the appropiate investment options.