Taking your social media to the next level, strategically!

Social media is more critical now than ever, it is literally one of the quickest and most efficient ways to get your brand in front of thousands, even millions of users with the touch of a button. Just think about all those viral photos and videos you see floating around, most times those users had no true intentions of their content being shared around the globe. Now just imagine what can happen if you have true intentions of getting your content in front of thousands, even millions of users? Regardless of the industry, social should be included in your marketing strategy. There is estimated to be 2.77 BILLION social media users by 2019 with 800 million of those users on Instagram alone. As the users increase, platform algorithms will continuously be redesigned for user experience. In order to sow the full benefits of social media marketing, it is critical to not only have knowledge of the platform itself, but also strategically managing your content. KZW Capturing Essence offers consulting, content curation, and management services to help educate and curate branded content to increase your exposure/engagement.


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Industry Specific Hashtag Analysis – Hashtags designed to maximize your reach.

Posting Strategies – Consulting designed to boost engagement.

Content curation – Photography, film production, and graphic design services catered to your brand.

Social Media Management- Don’t have time to keep up with social media? No worries, we have you covered!

Consulting Only | $99
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Our consulting services afford you the opportunity to be trained to take your social media to the next level. We will perform a visual brand analysis and provide recommendations specifically for your brand. We will also teach you the ins and outs of how the platforms work and how to maximize your content and reach. The initial session is 1 hour and we will cover the above services. Additional sessions are available upon request.

Management Only| $150/month
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Already have great content for your brand and just need help to consistently post? No worries, we have you covered. Our management services will include an industry specific hashtag analysis, monthly social media calendar, and 2-3 posts per day. Platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & LinkedIn.

Consulting + Content Curation | $250/month
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We recognize sitting down to come up with content to consistently post can be a lot. Let us take those worries away with our content curation services. This includes content for 2-3 posts per day. You will also receive the opportunity to have 1 photo session and up to 5 branded videos per month.

We also have packages that include more photo sessions and videos, please inquire for pricing. 

Content Curation + Management | $450/month
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We realize entrepreneurs wear a lot of hats when it comes down to the business. Let us minimize your hats and take over your social media completely. We will curate the content for you which includes 2 photo sessions per month and up to 10 branded videos, posting, and audience engagement. Platforms include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, & Twitter. We will strategically grow and engage your audience as well as maximizing your reach.