Content Curation Subscriptions

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Are you posting stock images from Google/manufacturer or cell phone selfies? Looking to amp up your video content?Struggling to keep up with the constant changes and engagement of social media?

No worries, KZW Capturing Essence has a solution for you!  How does a content library full of visuals captured for your brand sound? Allow us to free up some of your time by curating content for your brand and/or managing your social media. Out with the cell phone selfies and in with the professionally curated content!

But, I’m ballin’ on a budget!

We recognize that some businesses don’t always have a financial resources for ongoing visual branding projects and that’s why we created this subscription program. This program allows small business owners to have access to editorial-style commercial and product photography without all of the overhead costs. For a low monthly fee, you can keep your visuals professional and fresh for your brand. We have a variety of packages based on your specific needs and our pricing starts at only $300/monthly.

This subscription is perfect for small business owners who desire professional and updated content for their website, social media, or other marketing initiatives. We offer the option to set up on-location or you can ship products for styling.


    No employee overhead fees
    Up to 50% discount on standard rates.
    Have more time to focus on your business.
    Curated content library.
    Increase of engagement, credibility, and client conversions.


Must commit to at least 3 months. After the initial 3 months, there will be a partnership evaluation to make sure each party is satisfied with results. Moving forward, there are 6, 9, and 12 month agreements.

Payments are due by the 5th day of each month for the length of the retainer agreement.

Secure Your Subscription

Step 1: Schedule your initial consultation. Let’s chat and see how and what visuals we can curate for your brand.  A visual brand audit will be conducted as a part of the initial consultation to assess current state and provide recommendations. ($30 fee)

Step 2: Choose your subscription package. Monthly retainer options start at $300.

Step 3: Strategy session(s).

Step 4: Capture the E S S E N C E.

Step 5: Showcase the E S S E N C E of your brand.

Going on tour? Host multiple events every month? Ask about our travel & event rates!