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Ah, visual branding. What’s that? It’s the combination of photography (headshots, branding portraits, products) and videography. Why is it so important? To showcase the essence of your brand’s vision while inspiring recognition and credibility amongst your audience.

It’s important to be intentional when posting any kind of content. Have you ever visited a business’s website or online profile only to see visuals that may have been provided by the manufacturer or even worse, Google? As a consumer, how likely are you to shop with that business versus a business where you connect with the attention-grabbing visuals? Studies show there is about a 3 second window to capture the attention once the consumer is on your site.  Curate imagery for your brand that will reel in your target audience.

Why KZW Capturing Essence?

What value would we bring?

Simple, the essence. Essence is the core of what makes you, you. The core of what makes anything, anything is its essence. Do you want the essence of your brand to shine bright? Well, I am the curator (photograpHER) for you! I promise to deliver your vision meanwhile stepping outside of the box to ensure your visuals stand out in your market. A guaranteed increase in brand awareness and engagement amongst your audience.


KZW Capturing Essence offers digital and print collections, keepsake products (made with the images), heirloom albums. We also expand our services

You choose the depth of your experience.  We’re here to bring your vision to life!

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Mahogany Sun Boutique


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Crowned By Jaz