Kwadeidra Zhane' Wilson

Creative Millennial building a legacy for the future generations.

Portrait & Film Creator | Content Curator | IT Professional | Foodie | Tuskegee University Alumna | Mental Health Advocate | Youth Empowerer

Louisiana born, Mississippi raised. Charlotte, NC Livin’.

Mission Statement

What attracted me to photography is that it freezes time, literally. I have always had a genuine interest in photography. As a child I would sit on the front porch of my parent’s house capturing the sky and landscape in my neighborhood. We lived relatively close to New Orleans and always attended different festivals so I would bring my camera to capture the moments (Pretty sure that’s why I love capturing events now).

At the age of 20, I launched Wilsϕn Images after working 2 photography-videography related work study jobs while pursuing my B.S. in Computer Science Information Technology. Then one day out of the blue, “Capturing Essence” came to mind and I rebranded Wilsϕn Images to KZW Capturing Essence and have set out on a unique mission ever since. Essence is the very core of what makes you, you. It gives me so joy to be able to create timeless authentic portraits and films.

Social Responsibility

    Essence is more than artistry for me, living in your essence is a way of life. It is intertwined with purpose; and there is no single soul on earth without a purpose. In my own experience, I have come to know that purpose is far less about you and more about how you positively impact the world. Living in your essence (truth) means so much to me.

As someone who was known as the “quiet smart girl” growing up, I struggled as an adult to have my voice heard and honestly was terrified to be my true self around people. I am a first-generation college student from a small town in Mississippi so the expectations were set pretty high. I was so afraid to fail or make any type of mistake on this journey. Through personal struggles, I realized I would have a long road ahead of me if I kept living up to other’s expectations and being afraid to let my essence shine.

Kwdeidra Zhane' Wilson

Fast forward to now, I love being able to empower those who may struggle with the same or similar fears. I strive to be a mentor that I wish I would have had growing up to the younger generations now. I have been actively serving as a mentor since my senior year of high school. Being able to encourage youth to pursue their passion and opening them up to their potential is priceless.

I have been actively involved in mentoring programs since age 18 and have hopes of lauching my own program one day.